Local "Myths" and "Legends"

(Expert opinion is based on research + discussion with the locals)

#1 The Legend of the Pine Ape





Expert estimate on the likelihood of the Pine Ape: 99.9%

#2 The Legend of the Mary Bite





Expert estimate on likelihood of the Mary Bite: .00001%

#3 The Legend of Dexter Paws (aka the Pawfather)



Expert estimate on likelihood of Dexter Paws: 100%

#1 The Legend of the Pine Ape

As the legend goes, a great ape exists in the forests of Pine Creek, known simply as the Pine Ape. Despite numerous sightings (by one man), most of the locals will tell you it's not true, and just a legend.


However, in recent years the myth has come alive once again, thanks to a half-witted man and what appears to be a genuine photo of the Pine Ape. 



Local adventure seeker and paranormal expert Shamus McGee came into contact with the elusive Pine Ape and managed to capture this photograph, the only picture of the creature known to exist. He had this to say: ​

"Tis me McGee...I was walking along the rails to trails when methinks I heard a noise in the forest. At first, me mind thought ' twas a deer, so I grabbed me camera and headed to it. But when last I saw the monster, I took me photo before the beast rounded the bend. I saw it with me own eyes, ' twas pure luck I tell yee. Tis true me lad I saw it, I saw the beast!"

#2 The Legend of the Mary Bite

There is a bug common to the area known as the Pillbug (or Rolly Polly as most people call them), but in Pine Creek, there is a legend of a giant Pillbug known as the Mary Bug.


Although Wikipedia will suggest otherwise, as seen here, the Mary Bug is highly dangerous and extreme caution should be used.

The following is an idea of what can happen if bitten.



However, there is a story that exists of the only known survivor of the Mary Bite...

A long, long time ago, three locals were walking along the edge of the woods, collecting timber...

at a lookout point...

when they spotted the Volvo sized animal...

They escaped, but unbeknownst to all of them, the girl in their party had been bitten.

She had this to say about the terrifying experience:

"It was a terrifying experience."




She also had this to say.

"I thought my leg was on fire, and someone was trying to put it out with ocean water.


Luckily other than the extreme pain and agony that coursed through my body for five days, it didn't hurt me one bit. I thought I was going to die, or worse, be disfigured, but everything turned out fine. I survived the Mary Bite!"

#3 The Legend of Dexter Paws (coming soon!)


Research currently underway...

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